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Morningside Presbyterian Preschool has been in operation for 20 years and has been a special place for families and teachers alike. During our 20th school year, we are introducing the MPP Annual Fund. Income from tuition alone does not cover all the expenses of running and maintaining the preschool as well as adding enriching educational opportunities such as STEAM curriculum. In the past MPP has been able to host many great fundraisers to help us meet fundraising needs. During the pandemic, opportunities to be together have been limited, so we are implementing the Annual Fund to support the preschool and our children.

In this 20th year of MPP, it is our goal to raise $20,000 to help our preschool to continue to grow and thrive for another 20 years. We are asking for 100% participation from the preschool committee, faculty and parents. Each family that donates $500 or more will be listed on our MPP sponsors plaque. Please consider making a donation today. We appreciate your support of MPP. Use the paypal link below to donate or if you prefer you can send make a check payable to Morningside Presbyterian Preschool.