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Morningside Presbyterian Preschool

Atlanta Preschool
Dedicated To Learning
Through Play

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Morningside Presbyterian Preschool (MPP), a ministry of Morningside Presbyterian Church, is a half-day Atlanta preschool serving children ages 15-months to Pre-K. Since 2001, MPP has offered an enriching and nurturing environment with a developmental philosophy of learning-through-play to encourage each individual child to reach their full potential. 

Fostering Growth

Our Atlanta preschool helps develop a child’s fine and gross motor skills, encourages their natural interest in reading, writing, and counting, and facilitates their development socially, emotionally, and physically.

Multicultural Learning

Our curious learners are taught about the world around them through thoughtful lessons and programs that explore different ethnicities, languages, beliefs, and holidays.

Learning Through Play

MPP recognizes and encourages self-expression through small and large group activities, as well as spontaneous play and teacher-guided activities.


Building Lifelong Relationships

"Two years ago we moved to Atlanta not knowing anyone. That quickly changed when we enrolled our daughter at MPP. Not only did our daughter quickly develop strong relationships with her teachers and peers, but I quickly connected with the other parents at the school. The MPP community has been an amazing support system to our family and I know both my daughter and I have made lifetime friends."


Morningside Presbyterian Preschool Atlanta Preschool


Little ones express their newfound power of mobility as teachers gently guide them to problem solve and communicate with the world around them.


MPP embraces the energy of a two-year-old and provides engaging activities that promote exploration, learning, and discovery.


The excitement of having mastered language is met with further sharpening of motor skills. Students are introduced to writing, reading, and memorization.


Students continue to fine-tune motor skills and engage in more discovery to grow individual confidence, excitement for learning, and readiness for Kindergarten.