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Welcome to MPP’s very first Sing-A-Long playlist! Each month we will be publishing a playlist (or two!) with songs heard in our classrooms or inspired by the curriculum themes. These are the songs your kids love to sing and you will love to sing with them.

This month, we’re bringing you two playlists full of songs inspired by love (Happy Valentine’s Day) and celebrating Black History Month. Listen to “When the Saints Go Marching In,” a favorite song from the jazz quartet who performed for our older students this month and hear what Ms. Heather and Erin’s older toddlers have been “Jamming” out to. And if your kids have requested banana pancakes recently, you have Ms. Donna to thank – she’s been playing Jack Johnson’s hit during lunch.

You can listen to the playlists directly from this blog post or you can open up the playlist in your Spotify account. Just click on the white Spotify logo in the top right-hand corner of the playlist and it will open Spotify in your browser. Then, save the playlist to your account by clicking on the three dots underneath the playlist name and choose ‘Save To Your Library.’

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